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If you would like to learn about your ancestry and:
  • Want to build your family tree, but have no idea where to start …
  • Have already begun constructing your family tree, but find it overwhelming or confusing …
  • Wish you could find an online genealogy program that offers easy, user-friendly features that guide you through the research process …
  • Want your family tree to go beyond births, marriages, and children and into the memories, emotions, and traditions that have shaped your family and yourself…
  • Want an easy process for adding, organizing, and protecting important family data, photos, videos, documents, and other mementos for generations to come...
You're in the perfect place!

"Creating a family tree was a bit confusing for me. I wanted to tackle it with my siblings contributing to building our family story. We were unsure of how and where to begin. We needed guidance, and the support we received to get started, and continue to receive through their support system is making it a joy to discover our family history with this program."
Nancy, New Jersey
"After my wife's mother passed away, we discovered a journal that contained stories about hiding from the Nazi's during the war in Poland. She was from Holland and they hid in a barn with several families for a couple of weeks. If we did not discover this, we would be missing an important part of her life. We are so glad we are able to share this, and other stories that we have documented in our family history website, thanks to family genealogy."
Brian, Idaho
"I wanted to give my parents a unique gift, and decided a family tree would be something that we could all enjoy. Because I did not have the time, we had family-genealogy create a five-generation tree for us. I have to say, everyone is very happy with the end result."
Patti, California
I'm Brandy Sacco, and 26 years ago, I began building my own family tree. It didn't take long for me to realize that I needed to utilize several different genealogy programs at once, since each one I found seemed to lack something vitally important to the process, so I set out to discover that better way, and founded Family Genealogy in 2007.
Brandy Sacco
Our Unique Program not only helps you build your tree, branch by precious branch, but it also helps you preserve the things that make your family, YOUR family. When you're looking at old photos, reading old letters and journals, and viewing old family videos, you'll feel a deeper connection to them – one that goes way beyond lines and boxes on a piece of paper.

Family Genealogy Offers:

A user friendly program carefully designed to guide you through the entire process of building your tree.
A huge database of profiles, sources and records, so you know exactly where to go to find reliable, accurate information.
An exclusive, color-coded progress chart designed to help keep you organized, focused and on track, so you move steadily forward with your research.
Peace of mind, knowing all of your family’s personal information is stored securely and totally safe from public viewing.
The ability to share and collaborate with family or other researchers, on your terms.
And much more!

Begin the journey TODAY - let us help you discover, build, and preserve your family's history, stories, adventures and memories. We are happy to help you every step of the way!

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For Beginner Genealogists

You might find the recording, or research process to be overwhelming or confusing.

Rest easy knowing we are here to help guide you through the entire process of connecting the lives, loves, and passions of your ancestors, so you can preserve your family history.

For Advanced Genealogists

You will discover how easy it is to grow and manage your family tree with unique features and advanced tools that will help you to clean up your data, and guide you to build a better family tree.

If you upload a GEDCOM file, we offer a FREE analysis to help you discover new research ideas, so you can fill in missing family history details.

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We know that not everyone has the time, knowledge, or desire to do their own genealogy research. We are happy to do the work for you. No project is too small or too big.

Our services include:

  • Researching your ancestors.
  • Building a family tree.
  • Creating a unique gift for a loved one.
  • Finding biological parents or child.