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How to Build Your Family Tree Using our Online Genealogy Program

With our program users can create as many files as they like. Below are just a few reasons why you may want to have multiple trees that can easily be managed with our tools.

Users can Build Family Trees across Several Files

If you are working on different blood lines, you may want to separate them into different files for ease of keeping track of your branches. For example, you have four (4) grandparents and within those 4 people there are many branches that contain many surnames. Each time a female is added, and she marries, the possibility of surnames increases, especially as you add generations.

One way to manage your branches is to build individual files for each of your grandparents creating four trees. Another option is to separate them into two files, starting with each of your parents.

When working with multiple files you can also attach a person from one file to another. This feature allows a user to link and seamlessly update people across multiple trees.

The below picture shows, from the Home Screen, two files for this web site. It also shows other information about their subscriptions such as: storage allocation, space used and when their subscription will expire.

Genealogy Family Trees

Create your Genealogy History and View File Statistics

Building a family tree takes a lot of effort, and the effort can be realized by seeing statistics for the files you have, giving a sense of accomplishment for what has been achieved.

It tracks twenty four general ancestry data statistics. Among the statistics are: who lived the longest, the ancestor with the most number of children, marriage statistics, and more.

Import GEDCOM Files to Build your Family Tree

GEDCOM files are a standardized format that gives genealogy programs the ability to export and import data from one genealogy application into another.

Export GEDCOM Files from our Genealogy Progra

With any good genealogy program, you will be able to export your file. More advanced features give the user the ability to export partial files. This can include various ancestry attributes– ancestors, descendants, notes, sources, and media.

Export GEDCOM File

Monitor the Changes You Make with our Audit Trail Report

With our program you can see the changes that you and your contributors have made. This helps users to understand who made what changes to your files. This gives you a check and balance affect so you know who has done what to your website.

Recall your Genealogy History from a Prior Day

If you have had someone make changes that you don’t agree with, you can edit or delete the changes. Optionally, you can ask us to restore your data. Restoring can be done for the last two days by sending a request to the technical support team.

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Creating Better Family Trees

This document explores what genealogy sources are and how they affect the credibility of a person's family tree.
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GEDCOM Files and Sync Issues

Learn how genealogy programs work from a technical standpoint and why genealogy programs do not always sync your data from one application to another.
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Techniques and Tools for Genealogy Research

Discover new ways to find missing information as well as use a 28 step research process to stay organized and focused with your tasks.
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