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How many Trees can I Create?

We don’t limit you to a single tree. You can create as many trees from a single account that can fit in your account’s allotted space.

Can I Enter Foreign Characters for Names, Places, Notes, and Descriptions?

From your computers character map, which is usually found under accessories, you can copy and paste foreign characters into the appropriate field and they will be saved.

What does your Color-Coded Family Progress Rating Chart do?

We feel that having sources tied to people in your tree helps to verify the family relationships and facts that are recorded. The color-coded chart helps you to easily see what facts and relationships you have sources for and tracks the progress of what still needs to be found. The chart shows five (5) generations at a glance so you can easily see the big picture which can help you to decide what you want to work on next.

Can I Create my own Custom Events?

When adding information to your tree, you can create custom events. We even make it easy to edit the spelling or merge similar custom events for one (1) person or everyone in your tree.

Can I attach People Across Trees?

Some people like to have separate trees for their families or branches of families. If you set up multiple trees, you may have a common person that you want in each file. We make it easy to manage that common person by allowing you to “attach” them instead of adding them individually to each tree. This ensures that if you update information about the person, it is then updated simultaneously across all files. There is an icon in the Tree View and People Tab that shows you have an attached person across files.

Can I Delete and Merge People?

We give you the option to delete and merge people. You can even merge people across multiple trees. If you merge ancestors and descendants too, they become attached to both trees, therefore and future updates that are made, are recorded across both files at the same time.

How are Spouses Shown in a Family Tree View?

If a person has multiple spouses You can mark one (1) of them as “primary”, so they will show up in the tree next to their spouse. The remaining spouses will show up by marriage date. If you have no marriage date, they will show up in the order they are entered.

Can Children have Multiple Parents?

We understand that many children have parents that divorce and remarry, where one of the parents may adopt, or take on legal guardianship. Other cases, children are born and given up for adoption and may want to create biological parents, as well as, add their adopted parents, so we have made it easy to add multiple parents and add the correct relationships.

Can I Attach the same Source, Media file, or Document to Several People?

To save you time from re-keying in the same information, you can attach your records across multiple people and across multiple trees within the same account. Once you add a document, you should always use the “attach feature” to capture any changes with a single click of the button, when you press “save”. Attaching also helps to build a better family tree because it starts to show family relationships when you can see who else is mentioned in the same document, photo, or source.

What is Unrelated Sources and Media?

With so many document to keep track of, organization can be a challenge for genealogists. To ease the headache, you can store files that you are not sure what to do with, either because you are unsure of who is in a photo, or if the document even pertains to a particular person in your tree. The way we store and organize these documents makes it easy to recall and use them. If a subscriber ends up knowing who is in the document, they can easily attach it to multiple people in their tree.

Can I invite People to See and Help me Build my Tree?

We have flexible permissions that you can set up for each person that allows you to share and /or have people contribute to your family tree on your terms, module by module.

Does the Program Track the Changes Made to my File?

Yes, through the audit trail, found under the Analysis Tab, you will find a report that shows all changes by you and your contributors. It monitors how your tree is being changed and by who.

Explain your Restore Feature

If you have made changes and later wish you didn’t, you can ask us to restore your data from the last two (2) prior days. You tell us what day you want to restore your data from and we will take care of it for you.

How does Searching for Common Ancestors in other Peoples Trees Work?

This is an optional feature where we give the flexibility of users to decide if they want to participate or not. Results will only show a minimal amount of information from people who also have opted in for the feature.

Is my Data Secure?

We know how hard you have worked to create your family tree so we do our best to take care of your family history by encrypting your tree with security and it is stored on two (2) separate servers.

What happens to my file if I no longer want to continue my membership?

Your file will be archived in our servers, in case you want to come back, that way you don’t have to start all over again.

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Program Features
Unique Features
Color Coded Family Progress Rating Chart
Source Rating Calculator
Easy Tracking Features
Ability to recall changes
Link people across multiple trees
Add documents for use later
Prioritize your tasks
Research Tools
Over 1,000 genealogy research links
Access New FamilySearch
Genealogy Wiki
Collaborate with other researchers
Online Program Management
Web enabled genealogy program
MAC and PC friendly
Import GEDCOM files
Export partial GEDCOM files
Build multiple trees
Data Entry
Add LDS Ordinances
Create and manage custom events
Automatic date format
Relationship options
Merge, link, detach, or delete people
Checks and Balance
File and people statistics
Monitor all your changes
Privacy options
Automatic check for data entry errors
Program Features
View, add, and edit sources
View, add, and edit notes
View, add, and edit tasks
View, add, and edit media
Add documents, even multiple page PDF files
Import multiple images at a time
Send messages to contributors, visitors & researchers
Program Tools
Date calculator
Relationship calculator
Map your ancestors
Update locations easily
Document Organization
Cross file documents easily
Quickly link attachments to multiple people
Filter and sort documents and media
View, Print, & Export
Sharing Your Genealogy
Invite people to view your website
Invite contributors to help build your tree
Privacy options for people and documents
Help desk for technical issues
Online video tutorials
Online users guide
Genealogy research hints and tips
Back-up of last 2 saves
SSL secure website
Password login required for everyone