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Building a Family Tree with Genealogy Software is Easy

We have the features that help you to build and maintain your family history. Some of them are listed below, like: creating custom events, merge and manage those events, add LDS ordinances, have the ability to enter dates the way you want, and more.

LDS Ordinances

Latter Day Saints ordinances are religious rituals performed by the authority of the priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ. The ordinances include Baptism, confirmation, sacrament, endowment, marriage, and sealings.

Create Custom Events

Genealogy software has a set of standard events that are used to record dates, places, and description information. If you have any type of document for an event, you should add it as a means of proof. Below is a list of standard GEDCOM events. GEDCOM Events

But there are many events that happen to us over a life time that are not standard GEDCOM events. You might want to add other events such as: Military, Employment, etc. With our program you can create and merge custom events easily.

Merging and Managing your Custom Events

If you have similar events that were created for your genealogy, such as Military and Military Information, with our family tree maker program you can easily merge the two for a person or for your whole tree.

GEDCOM event merge

Automatic Date Format

Users get to choose how they want their date format to be entered and viewed in their family tree. Our genealogy software allows for six different date formats. If a person enters in date in our software that is other than the format they have chosen, you will receive a message stating it does match your date format. You can either proceed or change the date.

Genelaogy Date Format

Tracking Children in our Genealogy Software

A person in your tree can have multiple parents. Setting the child parent relationship with genealogy software will help people understand the relationship between the child and the parents. The great thing about this features, is the child will show up with both sets of parents which is extremely helpful when you are looking at your tree and historical documents. If you don’t set the child as having multiple parents, you can possibly miss out on an important clue.

Child Parent Relationship

A good example of this would be when looking at a census record and the father or mother remarries and is shown with other children along with a child that is not recognized. Because the child is from a previous marriage, you may miss out on connection.

Genealogy Software Helps to Track Relationships between Married People

In many cases, you will have people that were married several times throughout their life. Through genealogy software you can track the relationship between the two as annulment, common law, divorced, partner, separation, married, or widow is important. You can also set what spouse you want shown each time you are working on a person in your tree if they have been married more than once.

Couple Relationships

Merge Duplicate People

With our genealogy software merge tool you can view the information that you have for each person and decide which events, ancestors, descendants, sources, media, and notes you want to merge. You can even perform this function across multiple files.

Read this document, How to Link People across Files for easy updating.

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