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Easily Track your Family History with Genealogy Software Programs

Every application has a set of unique features and tools. Finding and using the right family history application to organize your documents, information, and track various important details is helpful when building a genealogy tree.

Audit Trail Tracks all your Changes

Track all the changes you make to your family genealogy tree with our audit trail programs feature. This is a great tool for checking additions and changes made by you and your contributors though our software.
Genealogy Audit Trail Genealogy Software Screen Overview:
  1. Filter or view by Contributors, or just yourself.
  2. Filter by transactions that occurred during a time frame.
  3. Click Search Button after using the either filter.
  4. To delete the history of an item, Click on the appropriate Box.
  5. Click Delete History Button.

Link and Seamlessly Update People across Multiple Trees

A unique feature only found with our program is the ability to attach a person across multiple files. By attaching a person, when you update the person in one file, they are updated in both. So if you add or change information, it is updated in both files.

Focus person from genealogy tree

This is not the same as just having the same person listed in two separate files. When they are just listed, each file has to be updated manually. The above icon shows this person is attached to multiple trees. When you roll over the icon, you will be able to see the file names.

Storing Documents Not Attached to a Person

If you have documents that you don’t know if they belong to a person in your tree, you can add them to a folder in your website and not have to attach to anyone. If you later decide you want to add it to a person in your tree, you can do that at any time. You can also use this group folder for storing family newsletters, pages from books, lists, etc.

Storing Media Files Not Attached to a Person

Store your old photographs that you don’t know who they are. Share them with your visitors and contributors to help you identify who they are and in a folder not attached to a person. Later, if people are identified in a photo, you can easily attach it to the person.

Prioritize your Tasks and Research

Adding tasks for what you want to research and giving priority and other tracking information is a great way to stay organized with your family history. When you log into your website you will be reminded of all your upcoming tasks as well as tasks that that overdue.

Color Coded Progress Chart

The Progress Rating Chart is a way to track the completeness of your family tree. You can see 5 generations for the focus person at a glance. Set your own Progress Rating criteria, and watch your progress as you add sources! This is a great research tool and helps you to understand your family history. No other family genealogy software programs have this feature.

Family Tree Progress Rating Chart

Genealogy Software Screen Overview:
  • Squares outlined in pink signify a female.
  • Squares outlined in blue signify a male.
  • Squares with a line through them signify the person is missing from the family genealogy tree.
  • Squares that are white signify they have no sources.
  • When you are on a screen that shows the Progress Rating Chart, select any square and that person will become the focus person.
  • Hover over the square to see the details of that person.


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