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 GRENVILLE COUNTY: Populated Places Table  Galen, Wayne County, New York Genealogy  Gamle Aker, Norway
 GREY COUNTY: Populated Places Table  Galena, Missouri  Gamle Aker, Oslo, Norway Genealogy
 GSWAC  Galesburg, Illinois  Gamle Aker Parish, Oslo, Norway Genealogy
 GUYSBOROUGH COUNTY: Populated Places Table  Galey Civil Parish, County Kerry  Gamleby Parish, Kalmar, Sweden Genealogy
 G genealogical glossary terms  Galey Civil Parish, County Kerry Genealogy  Gamleby parish, Sweden
 Gabbs Nevada Family History Center  Galicia  Gamleby parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Gabon  Galicia, Austria Genealogy  Gamlebyen, Norway
 Gabon Genealogy  Galicia Jewish Research  Gamlebyen, Oslo, Norway Genealogy
 Gabon History  Gallatin, Columbia County, New York Genealogy  Gamlebyen Parish, Oslo, Norway Genealogy
 Gabon Maps and Gazetteers  Gallatin, Missouri  Gamlingway
 Gabon Online Genealogy Records  Gallatin, New York  Gamlingway, Cambridgeshire
 Gabon Record Finder  Gallatin County, Illinois  Gamlingway, Cambridgeshire Genealogy
 Gabon Religious Records  Gallatin County, Illinois Courthouse  Gammalkil Parish, Östergötland, Sweden Genealogy
 Gaborone Botswana West Family History Centre  Gallatin County, Illinois Genealogy  Gammalkil parish, Sweden
 Gabutu Papua New Guinea Family History Centre  Gallatin County, Kentucky  Gammalkil parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Gachet's Company, Alabama Cavalry  Gallatin County, Kentucky Genealogy  Gammalstorp Parish, Blekinge, Sweden Genealogy
 Gachnang, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy  Gallatin County, Montana  Gammalstorp parish, Sweden
 Gachnang Catholic parish, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy  Gallatin County, Montana Genealogy  Gammalstorp parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Gachnang Reformed parish, Thurgau, Switzerland Genealogy  Gallatin Missouri Family History Center  Gammel Haderslev Parish, Haderslev, Denmark
 Gadbjerg Parish, Vejle, Denmark  Gallen Civil Parish, County Offaly  Gammel Haderslev Parish, Haderslev, Denmark Genealogy
 Gadbjerg Parish, Vejle, Denmark Genealogy  Gallen Civil Parish, County Offaly Genealogy  Gammelgarn Parish, Gotland, Sweden Genealogy
 Gaddesby, Leicestershire  Gallen and Reynagh Catholic Parish, County Offaly Genealogy  Gammelgarn parish, Sweden
 Gaddesby, Leicestershire Genealogy  Galley Hill, Kent  Gammelgarn parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Gadmen parish, Bern, Switzerland  Galley Hill, Kent Genealogy  Gammelsogn Parish, Randers, Denmark
 Gadsden Alabama Family History Center  Galley Hill All Saints,Kent  Gammelsogn Parish, Randers, Denmark Genealogy
 Gadsden County, Florida  Gallia County, Ohio  Gammelsogn Parish, Ringkøbing, Denmark
 Gadsden County, Florida Genealogy  Gallia County, Ohio Genealogy  Gammelsogn Parish, Ringkøbing, Denmark Genealogy
 Gadstrup Parish, København, Denmark  Gallica  Gammelstrup Parish, Viborg, Denmark
 Gadstrup Parish, København, Denmark Genealogy  Gallica: The French “Library of Congress”  Gammelstrup Parish, Viborg, Denmark Genealogy
 Gaerwen Wales Family History Center  Galloon, Fermanagh  Gampelen parish, Bern, Switzerland
 Gaerwen Wales Family History Centre  Galloon, Fermanagh Genealogy  Gamprin, Liechtenstein Genealogy
 Gaffney South Carolina Family History Center  Galloon Catholic Parish, County Fermanagh Genealogy  Gamprin and Bendern, Liechtenstein Genealogy
 Gage County, Nebraska  Gallow Civil Parish, County Meath  Gamrie, Banff, Scotland
 Gage County, Nebraska Genealogy  Gallow Civil Parish, County Meath Genealogy  Gamrie, Banff, Scotland Genealogy
 Gagnef Parish, Kopparberg, Sweden Genealogy  Galloway's Company, North Carolina Coast Guards  Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland Genealogy
 Gagnef parish, Kopparberg, Sweden Genealogy  Gallup New Mexico Family History Center  Gamshurst, Baden, Germany
 Gagnef parish, Sweden  Galmoy Catholic Parish, County Kilkenny Genealogy  Gamston, Nottinghamshire
 Gagnef parish, Sweden Genealogy  Galmoy Catholic Parish, County Laois Genealogy  Gamston, Nottinghamshire Genealogy
 Gagnoa Ivory Coast Family History Center  Gals, Bern, Switzerland  Gamtofte Parish, Odense, Denmark
 Gaile Civil Parish, County Tipperary  Galston, Ayr, Scotland  Gamtofte Parish, Odense, Denmark Genealogy
 Gaile Civil Parish, County Tipperary Genealogy  Galston, Ayr, Scotland Genealogy  Gamvik, Finnmark, Norway Genealogy
 Gailey,Staffordshire  Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland Genealogy  Gamvik, Norway
 Gailey, Staffordshire  Galston Church Record  Gamvik Parish, Finnmark, Norway Genealogy
 Gailey, Staffordshire Genealogy  Galström parish, Sweden  Ganarew, Herefordshire
 Gaillard's Company, South Carolina Light Artillery (Santee Light Artillery)  Galt, Iowa  Ganarew, Herefordshire Genealogy
 Gaine's Trace  Galt. Iowa  Gandia Spain Family History Center
 Gaines, New York  Galten Parish, Randers, Denmark  Gangneung South Korea Family History Center
 Gaines, Orleans County, New York Genealogy  Galten Parish, Randers, Denmark Genealogy  Gangsted Parish, Skanderborg, Denmark
 Gaines County, Texas  Galten Parish, Århus, Denmark  Gangsted Parish, Skanderborg, Denmark Genealogy
 Gaines County, Texas Genealogy  Galten Parish, Århus, Denmark Genealogy  Ganløse Parish, Frederiksborg, Denmark
 Gainesville, Florida  Galtrim Civil Parish, County Meath  Ganløse Parish, Frederiksborg, Denmark Genealogy
 Gainesville, New York  Galtrim Civil Parish, County Meath Genealogy  Gano's Battalion, Texas Cavalry (Confederate)
 Gainesville, Wyoming County, New York Genealogy  Galtrup Parish, Thisted, Denmark  Ganthem Parish, Gotland, Sweden Genealogy
 Gainesville Florida Family History Center  Galtrup Parish, Thisted, Denmark Genealogy  Ganthem parish, Sweden
 Gainesville Georgia Family History Center  Galtström Parish, Västernorrland, Sweden Genealogy  Ganthem parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Gainesville Texas Family History Center  Galtström parish, Sweden  Ganton, Yorkshire
 Gainford, Durham  Galtström parish, Sweden Genealogy  Ganton, Yorkshire Genealogy
 Gainford, Durham Genealogy  Galvarino, Cautín, Chile Genealogy  Gapan Philippines Family History Center
 Gainsborough All Saints, Lincolnshire  Galveston County, Texas  Gar Dolbenmaen, Caernarfonshire
 Gainsborough All Saints, Lincolnshire Genealogy  Galveston County, Texas Genealogy  Gar Dolbenmaen, Caernarfonshire Genealogy
 Gainsborough Holy Trinity, Lincolnshire  Galveston Texas Family History Center  Garanhuns Brazil Family History Center
 Gainsborough Holy Trinity, Lincolnshire Genealogy  Galveston Texas Rifles (Confederate)  Garber's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (Staunton Artillery) (Confederate)
 Gainsborough Poor Law Union, Lincolnshire  Galveston and Texas History Center  Garboldisham, Norfolk
 Gainsborough Poor Law Union, Lincolnshire Genealogy  Galway, New York  Garboldisham, Norfolk Genealogy
 Gairloch, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland  Galway, Saratoga County, New York Genealogy  Gard
 Gairloch, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland Genealogy  Gambia  Gard, France Genealogy
 Gairloch, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland  Gambia Archives and Libraries  Gard Genealogy
 Gais parish, Appenzell, Switzerland  Gambia Civil Registration  Garde Parish, Gotland, Sweden Genealogy
 Gais parish, Appenzell, Switzerland Genealogy  Gambia Genealogy  Garde parish, Sweden
 Gajuwaka VSP India Family History Centre  Gambia History  Garde parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Galapagos Islands Ecuador Family History Center  Gambia Language and Languages  Garden's Company, South Carolina Light Artillery (Palmetto Light Battery)
 Galashiels, Selkirkshire, Scotland  Gambia Record Finder  Garden City, Idaho
 Galashiels, Selkirkshire, Scotland Genealogy  Gambia Religious Records  Garden City, Kansas
 Galatia, Illinois  Gambier Islands  Garden City, Utah LDS Wards and Branches
 Galax, Virginia  Gamble's Company, Florida Light Artillery (Confederate)  Garden City Kansas Family History Center
 Galax (Independent City), Virginia  Gamblin's Company, Mississippi Cavalry (State Troops)  Garden County, Nebraska
 Galbally Civil Parish, County Limerick  Gambonsfield and Kilcash Catholic Parish, County Tipperary Genealogy  Garden County, Nebraska Genealogy
 Galbally Civil Parish, County Limerick Genealogy  Gambonsfield and Kilcash Catholic Parish, County Waterford Genealogy  Garden Grove California Family History Center
 Galbally and Aherlow Catholic Parish, County Limerick Genealogy  Gamborg Parish, Odense, Denmark  Garden Valley Idaho Family History Center
 Galbally and Aherlow Catholic Parish, County Tipperary Genealogy  Gamborg Parish, Odense, Denmark Genealogy  Gardendale Alabama Family History Center
 Galbooly Civil Parish, County Tipperary  Gamla Uppsala Parish, Uppsala, Sweden Genealogy  Garder, Akershus, Norway Genealogy
 Galbooly Civil Parish, County Tipperary Genealogy  Gamla Uppsala parish, Sweden  Garder, Norway
 Galeana Mexico Family History Center  Gamla Uppsala parish, Sweden Genealogy  Garder, Norway Genealogy
 Galen, New York