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 Holland's Company, Missouri Home Guard (Union)  Holme Cultram, Cumberland  Holnest, Dorset Genealogy
 Holland's Company, Missouri Home Guard Union Missouri  Holme Cultram, Cumberland Genealogy  Holrah's Company M, Missouri Home Guard Regiment (Union)
 Holland, Erie County, New York Genealogy  Holme Eden, Cumberland  Holrah's Company M, Missouri Home Guard Regiment Union Missouri
 Holland, Hampden County, Massachusetts Genealogy  Holme Eden, Cumberland Genealogy  Holsen, Norway
 Holland, Massachusetts  Holme Hale, Norfolk  Holsen, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Genealogy
 Holland, New York  Holme Hale, Norfolk Genealogy  Holsen Parish, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Genealogy
 Holland, Orleans County, Vermont Genealogy  Holme Island, Lancashire  Holsljunga Parish, Älvsborg, Sweden Genealogy
 Holland, Vermont  Holme Island, Lancashire Genealogy  Holsljunga parish, Sweden
 Holland Fen, Lincolnshire  Holme Lacy, Herefordshire  Holsljunga parish, Sweden Genealogy
 Holland Fen, Lincolnshire Genealogy  Holme Lacy, Herefordshire Genealogy  Holstebro City Parish, Ringkøbing, Denmark
 Holland Purchase  Holme Low, Cumberland  Holstebro City Parish, Ringkøbing, Denmark Genealogy
 Holland Society of New York  Holme Low, Cumberland Genealogy  Holstebro Parish, Ringkøbing, Denmark
 Hollesley, Suffolk  Holme Olstrup Parish, Præstø, Denmark  Holstebro Parish, Ringkøbing, Denmark Genealogy
 Hollesley, Suffolk Genealogy  Holme Olstrup Parish, Præstø, Denmark Genealogy  Holsted Parish, Ribe, Denmark
 Holliday, Utah  Holme Parish, Århus, Denmark  Holsted Parish, Ribe, Denmark Genealogy
 Hollinfare, Lancashire  Holme Parish, Århus, Denmark Genealogy  Holstein, Ontario, Canada
 Hollinfare, Lancashire Genealogy  Holme Pierrepont with Adbolton, Nottinghamshire  Holsteinborg Parish, Sorø, Denmark
 Hollingbourne, Kent  Holme Pierrepont with Adbolton, Nottinghamshire Genealogy  Holsteinborg Parish, Sorø, Denmark Genealogy
 Hollingbourne, Kent Genealogy  Holme St Giles, Nottinghamshire  Holsworthy, Devon
 Hollingbourne Poor Law Union, Kent  Holme St Giles, Nottinghamshire Genealogy  Holsworthy, Devon Genealogy
 Hollington, Sussex  Holme St John, Lancashire  Holt's Regiment, Missouri Cavalry - Confederate
 Hollington, Sussex Genealogy  Holme St John, Lancashire Genealogy  Holt, Aust-Agder, Norway Genealogy
 Hollinswood  Holme in Spalding Moore, Yorkshire  Holt, Denbighshire
 Hollinswood, Shropshire  Holme in Spalding Moore, Yorkshire Genealogy  Holt, Denbighshire Genealogy
 Hollinswood, Shropshire Genealogy  Holme next the Sea, Norfolk  Holt, Leicestershire
 Hollinwood, Lancashire  Holme next the Sea, Norfolk Genealogy  Holt, Leicestershire Genealogy
 Hollinwood, Lancashire Genealogy  Holme on Spalding Moor, Yorkshire  Holt, Norfolk
 Hollis's Company, Missouri Cavalry - Confederate  Holme on Spalding Moor, Yorkshire Genealogy  Holt, Norfolk Genealogy
 Hollis, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire Genealogy  Holme on the Wolds, Yorkshire  Holt, Norway
 Hollis, Maine  Holme on the Wolds, Yorkshire Genealogy  Holt, Wiltshire
 Hollis, New Hampshire  Holmedal, Hordaland, Norway  Holt, Wiltshire Genealogy
 Hollis, York County, Maine Genealogy  Holmedal, Hordaland, Norway Genealogy  Holt, Worcestershire
 Holliscroft, Yorkshire  Holmedal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway  Holt, Worcestershire Genealogy
 Holliscroft, Yorkshire Genealogy  Holmedal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Genealogy  Holt, Wrexham
 Hollister, Twin Falls County, Idaho  Holmedal Parish, Hordaland, Norway Genealogy  Holt, Wrexham, Wales Genealogy
 Hollister, Twin Falls County, Idaho Genealogy  Holmedal Parish, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Genealogy  Holt, Wrexham War Memorial
 Hollister California Family History Center  Holmedal Parish, Värmland, Sweden Genealogy  Holt (Austre Nedenes)
 Holliston, Massachusetts  Holmedal parish, Sweden  Holt County, Missouri
 Holliston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Genealogy  Holmedal parish, Sweden Genealogy  Holt County, Missouri Genealogy
 Hollola Parish, Häme, Finland Genealogy  Holmens Parish København, København, Denmark  Holt County, Nebraska
 Hollola parish, Finland  Holmer, Herefordshire  Holt County, Nebraska Genealogy
 Hollola parish, Finland Genealogy  Holmer, Herefordshire Genealogy  Holt Parish, Aust-Agder, Norway Genealogy
 Holloway's Company, Alabama Cavalry  Holmes' Battery, Louisiana Light Artillery (Confederate)  Holtby, Yorkshire
 Holloway Emmanuel, Hornsey Road, Middlesex  Holmes' Company, Georgia Infantry (Wright Local Guards)  Holtby, Yorkshire Genealogy
 Holloway Emmanuel, Hornsey Road, Middlesex Genealogy  Holmes' Company, Georgia Infantry (Wright Local Guards) (Confederate)  Holter, Akershus, Norway Genealogy
 Hollowell, Northamptonshire  Holmes' Local Company, Tennessee Volunteers  Holter, Norway
 Hollowell, Northamptonshire Genealogy  Holmes County, Florida  Holter, Norway Genealogy
 Holly Bush, Worcestershire  Holmes County, Florida Genealogy  Holter Parish, Akershus, Norway Genealogy
 Holly Bush, Worcestershire Genealogy  Holmes County, Mississippi  Holton, Oxfordshire
 Holly Springs, Mississippi  Holmes County, Mississippi Genealogy  Holton, Oxfordshire Genealogy
 Holly Springs Regiment, Mississippi  Holmes County, Ohio  Holton, Somerset
 Hollym, Yorkshire  Holmes County, Ohio Genealogy  Holton, Somerset Genealogy
 Hollym, Yorkshire Genealogy  Holmesfield, Derbyshire  Holton, Somersetshire
 Hollywood, Maryland  Holmesfield, Derbyshire Genealogy  Holton St Mary, Suffolk
 Hollywood Civil Parish, County Dublin  Holmestad Parish, Skaraborg, Sweden Genealogy  Holton St Mary, Suffolk Genealogy
 Hollywood Civil Parish, County Dublin Genealogy  Holmestad parish, Sweden  Holton St Peter, Suffolk
 Hollywood Civil Parish, County Wicklow  Holmestad parish, Sweden Genealogy  Holton St Peter, Suffolk Genealogy
 Hollywood Civil Parish, County Wicklow Genealogy  Holmestrand, Norway  Holton cum Beckering, Lincolnshire
 Hollywood Florida Family History Center  Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway Genealogy  Holton cum Beckering, Lincolnshire Genealogy
 Hollywood Reservation, Florida  Holmfirth, Yorkshire  Holton le Clay, Lincolnshire
 Holm, Møre og Romsdal, Norway Genealogy  Holmfirth, Yorkshire Genealogy  Holton le Clay, Lincolnshire Genealogy
 Holm, Norway  Holmpatrick Civil Parish, County Dublin  Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire
 Holm & Paplay, Orkney, Scotland  Holmpatrick Civil Parish, County Dublin Genealogy  Holton le Moor, Lincolnshire Genealogy
 Holm & Paplay, Orkney, Scotland Genealogy  Holmpton, Yorkshire  Holtug Parish, Præstø, Denmark
 Holm Parish, Halland, Sweden Genealogy  Holmpton, Yorkshire Genealogy  Holtug Parish, Præstø, Denmark Genealogy
 Holm Parish, Møre og Romsdal, Norway Genealogy  Holmsbu, Buskerud, Norway Genealogy  Holtye Common St Peter, Sussex
 Holm Parish, Uppsala, Sweden Genealogy  Holmsbu, Norway  Holtye Common St Peter, Sussex Genealogy
 Holm Parish, Västernorrland, Sweden Genealogy  Holmsbu Parish, Buskerud, Norway Genealogy  Holtålen (Haltdalen), Norway
 Holm Parish, Älvsborg, Sweden Genealogy  Holmsland Klit Parish, Ringkøbing, Denmark  Holtålen (Haltdalen), Sør-Trøndelag, Norway Genealogy
 Holman's Battalion, Tennessee Partisan Rangers  Holmsland Klit Parish, Ringkøbing, Denmark Genealogy  Holum (Holme), Norway
 Holman's Battalion, Tennessee Partisan Rangers "  Holmstrup Parish, Holbæk, Denmark  Holum (Holme), Vest-Agder, Norway Genealogy
 Holman, Mora County, New Mexico, Cemeteries  Holmstrup Parish, Holbæk, Denmark Genealogy  Holverstone, Norfolk
 Holman’s Company (Confederate)  Holmsund Parish, Västerbotten, Sweden Genealogy  Holverstone, Norfolk Genealogy
 Holman’s Company Arkansas (Confederate)  Holmsund parish, Sweden  Holwell
 Holmby Parish, Malmöhus, Sweden Genealogy  Holmsund parish, Sweden Genealogy  Holwell, Bedfordshire
 Holmby parish, Sweden  Holmwood, Surrey  Holwell, Bedfordshire Genealogy
 Holmby parish, Sweden Genealogy  Holmwood, Surrey Genealogy  Holwell, Dorset
 Holmdel Township, New Jersey  Holmön Parish, Västerbotten, Sweden Genealogy  Holwell, Dorset Genealogy
 Holme, Huntingdonshire  Holmön parish, Sweden  Holwell, Leicestershire
 Holme, Huntingdonshire Genealogy  Holmön parish, Sweden Genealogy  Holwell, Leicestershire Genealogy
 Holme, Westmorland  Holne, Devon Genealogyshre  Holwell, Oxfordshire
 Holme, Westmorland Genealogy  Holne, Devonshre  Holwell, Oxfordshire Genealogy
 Holme Bridge, Yorkshire  Holnest, Dorset  Holy Cross Catholic Parish, Belfast Genealogy
 Holme Bridge, Yorkshire Genealogy