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 Wales  Wales Names, Personal  Walla Walla County, Washington Newspapers
 Wales, Androscoggin County, Maine Genealogy  Wales National Anthem  Walla Walla Indians
 Wales, Anglesey Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Newspapers  Walla Walla Washington Family History Center
 Wales, Brecknockshire Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Nobility  Wallace's Alabama State Troops
 Wales, Brecknorshire Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Occupations  Wallace's Company, Wilmington North Carolina Railroad Guards
 Wales, Caernarvonshire Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Online Genealogy Records  Wallace, Idaho
 Wales, Cardiganshire, Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Parish Records  Wallace, Shoshone County, Idaho
 Wales, Carmarthenshire, Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Parish Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wallace, Shoshone County, Idaho Genealogy
 Wales, Court and Miscellaneous Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wallace Avenue Indiana Family History Center
 Wales, Denbighshire, Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Parish Registers Not Published on Findmypast & FamilySearch  Wallace County, Kansas
 Wales, Erie County, New York Genealogy  Wales Pembrokeshire Church of Wales Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wallace County, Kansas Genealogy
 Wales, Flintshire Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Periodicals  Wallace County, North Dakota
 Wales, Glamorgan, Parish Register Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Poetry in Welsh Research  Wallace County, North Dakota Genealogy
 Wales, Glamorgan, Parish Register Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Wales Poor Law Unions  Wallace Guards Independent Company, Ohio Infantry
 Wales, Glamorgan Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Population  Wallace State College
 Wales, Glamorgan Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Wales Pre 1841 Census and Population Lists  Wallace State Community College
 Wales, Glamorganshire, Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Probate Records  Wallace State Community College Library
 Wales, Gwent or Monmouthshire, Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Record Selection Table  Wallagrass, Aroostook County, Maine Genealogy
 Wales, Gwent or Monmouthshire, Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Wales Religious Records  Wallagrass, Maine
 Wales, Hampden County, Massachusetts Genealogy  Wales Research Guidance  Wallaroo - South Australia
 Wales, Llandaff Probate Abstracts (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Research Tips and Strategies  Wallasey, Cheshire
 Wales, Maine  Wales Research Topics  Wallasey, Cheshire Genealogy
 Wales, Marriage Bonds (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Schools  Waller's Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Confederate)
 Wales, Massachusetts  Wales Societies  Waller County, Texas
 Wales, Merionethshire Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Surname Distribution (National Institute)  Waller County, Texas Genealogy
 Wales, Monmouthshire, Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Taxation  Wallette County, North Dakota
 Wales, Monmouthshire, Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Wales Vital Records Index  Wallette County, North Dakota Genealogy
 Wales, Montgomeryshire Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales Vital Records Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wallingford, Connecticut
 Wales, New York  Wales Websites  Wallingford, New Haven County, Connecticut Genealogy
 Wales, Pembrokeshire Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales and the IGI  Wallingford, Rutland County, Vermont Genealogy
 Wales, Probate Abstracts (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales in Film  Wallingford, Vermont
 Wales, Radnorshire Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wales probate as a source for marriage information  Wallingford All Hallows, Berkshire
 Wales, Utah LDS Wards and Branches  Wales study group  Wallingford All Hallows, Berkshire Genealogy
 Wales, West Glamorgan, Electoral Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Walesby, Lincolnshire  Wallingford Castle Precincts, Berkshire
 Wales, Yorkshire  Walesby, Lincolnshire Genealogy  Wallingford Castle Precincts, Berkshire Genealogy
 Wales, Yorkshire Genealogy  Walesby, Nottinghamshire  Wallingford Parish, Virginia
 Wales - This Day in History  Walesby, Nottinghamshire Genealogy  Wallingford St Leonard, Berkshire
 Wales Archives and Libraries  Walferdange Commune, Luxembourg  Wallingford St Leonard, Berkshire Genealogy
 Wales Biography  Walferdange Commune, Luxembourg Genealogy  Wallingford St Mary, Berkshire
 Wales Births and Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Walford, Herefordshire  Wallingford St Mary, Berkshire Genealogy
 Wales Births and Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records)/Known Issues  Walford, Herefordshire Genealogy  Wallingford St Mary le More with All Hallows, Berkshire
 Wales Cardiganshire (Ceredigion) Parish Records  Walgrave, Northamptonshire  Wallingford St Mary le More with All Hallows, Berkshire Genealogy
 Wales Cardiganshire or Ceredigion Church of Wales Parish Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Walgrave, Northamptonshire Genealogy  Wallingford St Peter, Berkshire
 Wales Cardiganshire or Ceredigion Parish Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Walham Green St John, Middlesex  Wallingford St Peter, Berkshire Genealogy
 Wales Cemeteries  Walham Green St John, Middlesex Genealogy  Wallington, Hertfordshire
 Wales Census  Walker's Battalion, South Carolina Infantry  Wallington, Hertfordshire Genealogy
 Wales Church Directories  Walker's Battalion, Thomas' North Carolina Legion  Wallington, Surrey
 Wales Church History  Walker's Independent Company, Illinois Infantry (3 months, 1861)  Wallington, Surrey Genealogy
 Wales Church Records  Walker's Regiment, Missouri Infantry - Confederate  Wallis' Company, Alabama Mounted Militia
 Wales Civil Registration  Walker's South Carolina Artillery  Wallis and Futuna
 Wales Civil Registration- Vital Records  Walker's Squadron, South Carolina Cavalry  Wallis and Futuna Census
 Wales Compiled Genealogies  Walker Christ Church, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland  Wallis and Futuna Genealogy
 Wales County Structure Maps  Walker Christ Church, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland Genealogy  Wallis and Futuna Islands
 Wales Court Records  Walker County, Alabama  Wallis and Futuna Online Genealogy Records
 Wales Culture  Walker County, Alabama Genealogy  Wallis and Futuna Religious Records
 Wales Cywydd  Walker County, Georgia  Wallis and Futuna Research Tips and Strategies
 Wales Deaths and Burials (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Walker County, Georgia Genealogy  Wallisellen parish, Zürich, Switzerland
 Wales Deaths and Burials (FamilySearch Historical records)  Walker County, Texas  Wallisellen parish, Zürich, Switzerland Genealogy
 Wales Directories  Walker County, Texas Genealogy  Walliswil bei Niederbipp, Bern, Switzerland
 Wales Early Manuscript and Printed Pedigrees  Walker History Room uses GRCs  Walliswil bei Wangen, Bern, Switzerland
 Wales Emigration and Immigration  Walker Local and Family History Center  Wallkill, New York
 Wales Estate Records  Walker River Indian Agency (Nevada)  Wallkill, Orange County, New York Genealogy
 Wales Events  Walker River Indian Reservation (Nevada)  Wallowa, Oregon
 Wales For Further Reading  Walker River Paiute Tribe, Nevada  Wallowa, Wallowa County, Oregon
 Wales Gazetteers  Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire  Wallowa County, Oregon
 Wales Genealogy  Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire Genealogy  Wallowa County, Oregon Genealogy
 Wales Glamorgan Church of Wales Parish Registers (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Walkern, Hertfordshire  Wallowa County, Oregon Rivers and Waterways
 Wales Glamorgan Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Walkern, Hertfordshire Genealogy  Wallowa County, Oregon Trivia Tidbits
 Wales Hearth Tax Assessments  Walkerton, Ontario, Canada  Walls, Orkney, Scotland
 Wales Historical Geography  Walkerton Ontario Family History Centre  Walls, Orkney, Scotland Genealogy
 Wales History  Walkhampton, Devon  Walls, Shetland, Scotland
 Wales Hundred Jurisdictions (National Institute)  Walkhampton, Devon Genealogy  Walls, Shetland, Scotland Genealogy
 Wales Jurisdictions  Walkingham Hill with Occaney  Wallsburg, Utah LDS Wards and Branches
 Wales LDS Branch Maps  Walkingham Hill with Occaney, Yorkshire Genealogy  Wallsend, Northumberland
 Wales Land and Property  Walkingham Hill with Occaney Genealogy  Wallsend, Northumberland Genealogy
 Wales Language and Languages  Walkington, Yorkshire  Wallstown Civil Parish, County Cork
 Wales Maps  Walkington, Yorkshire Genealogy  Wallstown Civil Parish, County Cork Genealogy
 Wales Marriage Bonds  Walkringen parish, Bern, Switzerland  Walmer, Kent
 Wales Marriage Indexes Before 1837  Wall, Staffordshire  Walmer, Kent Genealogy
 Wales Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)  Wall, Staffordshire Genealogy  Walmer The Church of St Mary the Virgin,Kent
 Wales Merchant Marine  Wall Township, New Jersey  Walmersley, Lancashire
 Wales Military Records  Walla Walla County, Washington  Walmersley, Lancashire Genealogy
 Wales Missing Census Records  Walla Walla County, Washington Genealogy  Walmley, Warwickshire
 Wales Missing Census Records 1841 to 1901