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Access FamilySearch Records

Subscribers can conveniently search, access, and add genealogical records from FamilySearch into their website through ourFamily•ology.
Genealogy Research made easy with billions of names, images, films and books from over 100 countries

Genealogy Progress Rating Chart  

Progress Rating Chart - Unique and only found here!

Reliability of your family information in a colorful display
Choose the events and family facts that you want to track
Add sources to back-up your genealogy information
Rate your source information that relates to your source and the facts you want to track
View your score for each person to see where you need to do more genealogy research
The color-coded reliability and progress indicator is viewable for 5 generations
Easily gain a sense of ‘the big picture’ when working with your family tree

Genealogy Software

Genealogy Software that is Easy to Learn and Fun to Use!

Import/Export GED files
Create as many files as you like
People attached in multiple files when edited, are updated in all files at the same time
Upload media and sources to multiple people simultaneously
Add Custom Events
Set Child-Parent and Marriage Relationships
Alerts for possible information errors
Research tips will help you to find sources for your family tree
Unique views for home person, pedigree, family and descendants
Many Tools, Reports and Lists

Sharing family genealogy

Share with Family and Friends through Secure Login

Seamlessly share your genealogy tree and sources with loved ones
Collaboratively work on the same file with family members
Genealogy software with an integrated published family tree for sharing your families genealogy
Create password protected access control lists for your published website
Decide what fields you want to be private for living people – name, birth and marriage
Privitize any document you don't want to share

Family tree builder

Build a Precise Family History / Reliable Family Tree!

Create multiple, dedicated, private database files
Rigorous source management to validate family tree records
Track, index, and store your media files, sources, stories, etc. for easy retrieval
Add media to individual family members and file in albums to your liking
Create task lists to help with your research priority
Progress rating identifies and helps you understand where you need to do more research
Genealogy software that effectively organizes and prioritizes your research tasks
Research Tips through articles
Web links to genealogy research sites
Secure genealogy software  

Secure Genealogy Software!

Never recreate lost data due to computer crashes again
Create password protected contributor and guest lists on a file-by-file basis
We are an SSL secure website to help with your research priority
Anytime, anywhere the internet is available access
Automatic file backup to redundant servers
State-of-the-art data center availability and security
Ability to restore website information from either yesterday or the day before

Family genealogy reports

Track Your Progress!

Many reports and lists to keep you focused throughout all phases of your genealogy project
History log to document what changes have been made to your files by you and your contributors
Dash board to show what changes have been made to your files by yourself and contributors
Genealogy Software has built in reminders for past due tasks
Lots of statistics to help you understand your family tree
Source progress rating chart helps you see where you need to do more research for each person in your family tree


We offer an online ticketing system to answer all your technical questions
We have online video tutorials so you can learn the program at your convenience
We offer training webinars, see our events and calendar
We have an online help index that can guide you with step by step instructions
Website manual is available through the administration and Support module/Tab


Why Family-Genealogy?
Easy to Learn and Fun to Use!

Build a Precise Family History!


Track Your Progress!

Share with Family and Friends!
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Program Features
Unique Features
Color Coded Family Progress Rating Chart
Source Rating Calculator
Easy Tracking Features
Ability to recall changes
Link people across multiple trees
Add documents for use later
Prioritize your tasks
Research Tools
Over 1,000 genealogy research links
Access New FamilySearch
Genealogy Wiki
Collaborate with other researchers
Online Program Management
Web enabled genealogy program
MAC and PC friendly
Import GEDCOM files
Export partial GEDCOM files
Build multiple trees
Data Entry
Add LDS Ordinances
Create and manage custom events
Automatic date format
Relationship options
Merge, link, detach, or delete people
Checks and Balance
File and people statistics
Monitor all your changes
Privacy options
Automatic check for data entry errors
Program Features
View, add, and edit sources
View, add, and edit notes
View, add, and edit tasks
View, add, and edit media
Add documents, even multiple page PDF files
Import multiple images at a time
Send messages to contributors, visitors & researchers
Program Tools
Date calculator
Relationship calculator
Map your ancestors
Update locations easily
Document Organization
Cross file documents easily
Quickly link attachments to multiple people
Filter and sort documents and media
View, Print, & Export
Sharing Your Genealogy
Invite people to view your website
Invite contributors to help build your tree
Privacy options for people and documents
Help desk for technical issues
Online video tutorials
Online users guide
Genealogy research hints and tips
Back-up of last 2 saves
SSL secure website
Password login required for everyone